The Husqvarna 7021P lawn mower

The Husqvarna 7021P lawn mower is a high performance machine that is built with the latest state of the art technology thanks to the brilliant engineering. I have been using the mover and I find it dependable compared to other models in the same class. This machine is the cutting edge of how a mower should look like. Let’s look at some of the features in details;


Ease and movement of use

Due to the compact size, the mower is designed to move easily. I find it very convenient to use when mowing around tight places like near buildings or trees. The mower does a good job since it does not leave the lawn patchy. The cutting blade is made of steel hence; it works well even on tall grasses. In fact, I don’t have to sharpen it often. In addition, I don’t have to make too many passes since it is designed to handle average lawn so; I spend little time mowing the lawn. Further, the double ball bearings allow smooth movements. The mower is also fitted with 12-inch rear wheels which enables it tackle different terrains. It comes with rear wheels that are higher to facilitate ease of movement. The mower has an ergonomically operating handle that is adjustable hence my hands are comfortable all the time.

Powerful and versatile

The Husqvarna 7021P lawn mower is powered by Honda GVC160 engine that produces 4 horse power. Compared with other combustion engines, it more quiet, powerful and reliable Since the engine is gas powered, it produces more power than the battery powered engine mowers. The engine is light in weight making it easy to maneuver around. I always use the mower for long hours making and it does not slow me down. In fact, the engine power makes it easy for me to operate in tough and dense grass without losing the performance speed. Further, the 3-in-l cutting system allows the user to collect, mulch and side discharge without using additional tools. For a healthier and a greener lawn, I return vital nutrients to the soil using the mulching option.

Convenience and ease of storage

For easy transportation and storage, I always make use of the folding option. When I’m mowing in the field, it becomes easy to transport the mower to the working area. In addition, it easy to store even on tight spaces. The mower comes with a two year warranty. It is also compliant with the state of California.
Designed for smaller lawns The mower is built to operate in small yards due to the compact size regardless of the terrain.


Dad’s new Lamborghini

I was in my Dad’s new Lamborghini, although he didn’t know I am going out with his exotic car that day. Few hours later in my dad’s Lamborghini, I decided to call my friend Bill so that we can go out on a trip or even go out for a Miami exotic auto racing, but to my greatest surprise Bill turned my request down, I was shocked and asked myself why Bill will turn my request down, without wasting much time I called Bill back and asked him what happened but he told me that he was grounded by his Dad for 3 week. I replied 3 week? And he said yup man!

I decided to go for the Miami exotic auto racing, since it isn’t something I would love to miss. Getting to the racing spot I booked a ticket for the rack and waited for my round, it was like I was watching Fast and Furious 5. I and my female opponent dragged the race and I won her $250 without wasting much time since I was driving a new Lamborghini and she was in her old school Ferrari.

I asked her why she wasted such amount on a race she is sure she won’t win, but she wouldn’t talk.
Going back home, I saw my Dad on his way back home, he asked me, Hey, what are you doing inside that Lamborghini? But I couldn’t reply to his question because I don’t know what to say and I’m not used to forming words that aren’t real.

Though, he grounded me for 1 week and told me not to go to his property unless he asks me to.


All that Buyers must know about RV Financing Options

Recreational Vehicles or RVs set the stage for a brand new way of life-on-the-go for those who love visiting and experiencing new places. Research by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) makes it evident that RV ownership figures have touched new heights in the recent past. The research also indicates that a majority of current RV owners will invest in another one in the future. Richard Coon, RVIA President, attributes the increasing number of RV buyers to the ‘enduring appeal’ that a RV lifestyle offers. If you, too, have been bitten by the RV bug and are in the market for one of these vehicles, familiarizing yourself with financing options at hand is a helpful first step.

Where to get RV financing?

Just like your auto loans, your bank, private lenders and credit unions may also offer loans for RV purchase. You can also check with your RV dealership since many of them do have financing options, too. Keep in mind that an RV is deemed to be a luxury vehicle which means you may need a higher credit score (compared to your auto loan) to get the best loan options. Generally, an A or B score will get you the loans with the most favorable terms. The lender may also require a personal financial statement from you along with other paperwork for these loans. A good strategy is to check with your bank first, especially if you have been an account holder in good standing for several years. To make sure that your RV loan comes with an interest rate at par with the market, you can check with prevailing auto loan rates since these closely follow each other.

Refinancing your RV loan

RV buyers who are currently paying off expensive loans should consider refinancing now, given the ongoing trend among banks to offer new loans based on existing ones. Before signing up for a refinance loan, get an accurate idea of your RV’s value (use the NADAguides site or the Kelley Blue Book). This will give you an idea of whether your current outstanding on the RV loan is over or under the vehicle’s actual resale value. Opt for refinancing only if what you owe is significantly less than what the RV will fetch in the market because your new lender will base his loan approval and terms on the current market value of the RV.

This is a critical point to remember with RV refinancing because these vehicles sustain almost 40% depreciation on the purchase price over the very first year of ownership.

What you should know about full-timer RV loans

If your RV is also your full time home-on-wheels, you may face some additional complications when applying for a loan. Typically, the vehicle is the collateral for the RV loan and this adds a new dimension to the transaction since you will be taking this collateral with you wherever you go. As a result, lenders view loans to full-timer buyers of RVs as a bigger risk. More paperwork may be involved in full-timer loans and you may also need to put in some extra effort to locate a lender who offers such a loan on good terms. However, if you are willing to accept stipulations such as setting up an automatic repayment system, finding a full-timer loan with favorable terms becomes an easier task.

Interest rates on loans for these homes-on-wheels are attractively low at present but the burgeoning demand for these vehicles may change this scenario in the coming months. RV Buyers can make the best of this low interest environment by identifying the financing option that suits them best.